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My Admin Application.

Ign: Corrine
Age: 17 years
Location: USA
Usage: 24 hours on BU, but I've had years of experience on Endless Online (Approximately 6-7 years)

How did you find Bones Underground & why BU?:
I found Bones Underground while looking for a private server to play while Endless Online was dealing with hacking problems. I've been on countless private servers for Endless Online, and not one had impressed me quite like Bones Underground. I never heard reviews of this server, but I can only assume that they're suburb, because from what I've seen, the community is caring and the training is reasonable. Overall, BU is better than EO, and that's why I'm still here playing.  

Previous experience (also why left/fired):
In real life, I've always been chosen for positions of leadership and action. I've been a drum major in my school's marching band for 4 years and I'm a police explorer that actively patrols large events to keep a choke hold on crime (my rank is Major). But my experience is not just outside of the internet; I was a MOD for Pokémon World Online (for only a short period of time, unfortunately drama from another team member caused me my Moderator position).

Why do you have to choose me?:
I would be a good choice for this position because I'm well aware of the rules and what they are on Bones Underground. Not only am I aware of the rules, I can enforce them with no backtalk. I'm not saying that I'm a cruel and mean person; I am quite amiable when you talk to me, but I know when to act.

Even though I'm an amiable person, I know not to let my emotions bias my work; emotions lead to drama and drama leads to problems. We've all seen it happen.

As you can see, I do type in correct MLA grammar, which will let other players understand what I have to say better, which will lead to a better rate of acceptance.

Other info:
I'm always open to meeting new people. :)
If you'd like to contact me, feel free to shoot me a message. My email is:
Or, message me in-game. My IGN is Corrine.

Enjoy your day!