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My Last contribution before i leave

I won't be online for approx. 2 years. I will make a big journey around the world all on foot. I am leaving this fall with my brother. I will start in Amsterdam and walk all the way to Ponferrada, Spain. I will then continue my journey to italy, the Balkan, Israel and will take a plane to Quebec, Canada. here i walk through the US, trough Mexico cross the Panama Canal and will get a guide to take me to Suriname, swim with Dolphins and take the plane to Vietnam. I will be helping out some non-profit organisations to get a connection to the outside world, setting up internet etc.

after that i do not know what to do, but i always wanted to go to Antartica, it will be summer at the time and the temperature will be enough to climb the highest mountain in antartica. In europe i will probably be able to go online in some cafe, but after i get to central america communication will be on it's limits.

My main purpose for this journey is to help the people who are living in situations we cannot imagine.

These are the stuff i worked on while i was working with Roelof. Many thanks and I hope to get some support.
Missing Client customizations:
Admin Icons

Admin login Icon

Just a Key we used for the mining feature:
miningkey inventory view

miningkey drop view

Have a nice 2x New year and I hope you will be here when i am back.

Yours Sincerely,

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Re: My Last contribution before i leave

Best of luck :)