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Sinthros' Admin Application

Sinthros' admin application

Name- Sinthros
Usage- 31 hrs
Lvl- 87

        Hey, I've played Bones underground since V7, and I've played on it ever since then. I know almost everyone on the game, and I don't get into stupid fights. I never ks/drop steal and I generally try to make the game as fun as possible. I host events, try to keep things under control, and I help new players and tell them where they should train, get drops, etc. I know all of the seose admin commands, and now that we are EOserv, I am now memorizing the EOserv commands. I know and resect almost all of the admins (There are those few that I just don't know too well). Here are some questions you might ask me-

How did you find Bones Underground?- As I said before, I joined in V7 using Sordies Endless Online Launcher. I downloaded the client at and ever since then I've enjoyed the game.

What position are you applying for as admin?- I am applying to be a modearator. I always answer the players questions, I would warp people where they wanted to be, and I basically know everything about this game (Etc. what drops what, you need this to craft that.....).

If promoted to admin, what would you do to help the game?- I would warp players, I would answer the questions, but I would not give them items. I'd deal with the reports that were sent to me, and I'd give Bone and the other admins ways to make the game better (Such as new types of bosses). I'd make sure to keep global under control and mute/jail the troublemakers.And of course, I would not abuse my power.

What kind of admin would you be?- I'd be a very laid back admin, I don't explode when players do something wrong, I won't jail people right away, (usually) I'd just give them a warning first. I'm generally a very nice guy, but if players keep annoying me, I will not be so nice >:P

This is a great server, with great potential, and I'd love to make it even better. Anyhoo, it would be great if you guys hired me >:D