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admin application

ingame name.MOONDOGGIE
real name .no comment
usage.236 hours

why i like to be admin im a adult player(40) and enjoy the community ad like to be involved more with helping on the game everyday and see a few problems when no admins are on

i have had no expierience as admin but would love the chance to prove i can so it fairly and honestly

i have played bu for a short amount of time and try to help as many of the new players as i can as i know how hard it was to start out

ok this may not be the best application but im me and i cant be any thing else
im honest,loyal,respectful to most,polite most of the time,and get along with most on the game.

well if you  need more info plz pm me on the game im glad to answer any question
also gratz on all the hard work all admins do and keeping the community happy